Between opening ketchup bottle and doing the dishes to dicing vegetables and meat, our fingers see a lot of action each day. For a woman who has to single-handedly tackle all the tasks on a daily basis, keeping nail polish from chipping can be a highly challenging task. Over the years, I have learnt that applying nail polish so it lasts longer is not rocket science.

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As women we can never have nail polish colors. I have over two dozen bottles of nail polish, some of which have dried due to lack of use. When I was sifting through my dressing table contents just the other day, I saw the sheer number of dried up nail polish and wracked my brains to come up with ideas to recycle them.

And voila! Here I am…a week down the line after having recycled ten of my dried up nail polish. All I did was to add a tiny bit of paint thinner to moisten the nail polish before I unleashed my imagination. Want to know how I did it? Read on.

Nail polish drop How I recycled my dried up nail polish colors brands

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Wake up at 6am, yoga till 7am, breakfast at 7:30am, office at 9am, meetings till 3pm, conference call till 7pm…if this is how you daily agenda reads, chances are that you will not have time to visit a beauty parlour often. However, when you are in a high profile job, there can be no alternative to good personal grooming.

A good manicure is as important as a facial treatment or a pedicure since nails are often under the spotlight and can speak volumes about you. When you are hard pressed for time and do not have time to shop for manicure essentials, here are a few at-home manicure ideas to your rescue.

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Tanning is a common concern for women since it limits their ability to wear dresses of their choice. Tanning can be caused due to various reasons:

  1. Sun bathing
  2. Tan spray
  3. Swimming
  4. Stepping out in the sun without a sun screen

How do you get rid of that tanned spots on your arms that fail to go and prevent you from wearing the dresses of your choice? Does that imply further expenditure on de-tanning treatments? Of course, not! There are a few home remedies, tried and tested by many, that can help you get rid of the tan.

Tanned hand 247x300 7 Cool Ideas to Remove Tanning from Arms legs arms care

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You already are bored with the monochrome hues of your nail color and want something new and trendy for your nails. All you need for it is 5 to 10 minutes of your leisure and a superb nail art idea like this. The look is perfect for wedding occasions and the nail art looks so fantastic that it is as a stylish accessory.

Go Green1 This Spring Go Green With Green Rhinestone Nail Art party nail art

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Orange is quite a unique digression from the usual maroon or red nail paints. But after some days it tends to look quite dull and even makes the look quit boring. For those who have fair skin, orange nail art seems to blend with the skin color. Hence an interplay of polkas a really make this color look vibrant and trendy and adds a glamorous touch to your style statement.

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Blue and black has been in vogue for quite some time and there is hardly any girl who does not own these shades. Even the cool factor attached to it is fading quite fast. But how often have you thought about experimenting with these shades together? You must haven’t and hence we offer our Blue Black Polka Nail Art which will surely impress the college goers and all fashion sites at large.

Step 1. Do your manicure by cleaning and shaping your nails. Have a medium length for your nails with curved corners.

Step 2. Apply two coats of your black color nail polish with a minute or less gap between the coats.

Step3. Make sure that the color is completely dry.

Step 4. Take a straw and dip it in the blue nail polish.

Step 4. Make three round impressions on each of the nails. Each of the round impressions should be done angularly one after the other.

Step5. Let it dry for some time.

Step 6. Fill the round impressions with the same blue color and let it dry.


Warning: There are two sizes of straws available and depending on the density of the polka dots you can use any one of the. However do not fill the polkas just after the outline. Then it will have a tendency to smudge.

Planning to wear a chic outfit this weekend for a peppy party? Then why not couple it with a good nail art for a fancier and complete look? Try the Beige blue party nail art for a sober look which is simple to do and involves just a few steps.


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The appeal of nail art lies is two things: doable designs and cost effective materials. In this edition we have brought you an instant-do nail art design, which I can bet won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

The purple silver shade is one of my personal favorites. The silvery shin adds a glossy tone to the purple hue thereby enhancing the colour appeal, making the nail polish look both sober and vibrant. Now to get back to our exclusive instant-do nail art design, apart from the purple silver nail polish, you will also need a bottle of clear nail paint and a black nail art pen.

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Ever wondered about experimenting with different nail shapes to spot a trendy look? There is no specific thumb rule for choosing a shape; it completely depends on your preference. Whatever you stick to must suit your fingers and you should not look odd. Choosing the perfect nail shape is similar to choosing your wardrobe; the nail shape trends can change too! Read on to find out more about the nail shape trends that will help you pick the best shape for your nails.

Nail shapes in trend

Stiletto nail shape

As the name suggests, in this particular shape the tip of the nail is sharply pointed. Stiletto nail shape gives your hand a very delicate look and is undoubtedly very classy, simple and elegant to look at. If you are the kind of woman who loves to catch all the attention. Then Stiletto shape is something that you must opt for. It also becomes simple to maintain your nails.

Pipe nail shape

This is a very popular shape for nails. In this shape, the edges of the nails are parallel and the peak is very close to the tip of the nail. The nail tip curvature is actually very deep exactly like you find it in a half circle. This shape is very elegant and delicate and its shape is very similar to the square and almond shaped nails. Women who are adventurous and want to try something new can go for this shape.

Edge nail shape

This shape is considered to be very unconventional and thus is not very popular as this shape does not suit everyone’s personality. The nail bed is actually extended in the “V” shape and the edges of the nails are parallel, the tip of the nail in this shape should also end in“V”shape. This type of nail shape resembles a roof nail. In this shape no pressure is actually put on the nail beds. This shape is for women who are sophisticated and want to give a unique look to them.

Almond nail shape

This form of nail is considered to be very graceful. This particular shape suits long length nails. A negative aspect of this shape is that it does not keep your nails strong and hence the nails become prone to damage. Besides, you will notice that the nails of this shape will not actually grow to the maximum length. This doesn’t mean that there are no positives about this kind of shape; nudes and different pastel colors look extremely wonderful on this shape, these colors actually help to elongate your nails making them appear longer than they actually are. Elegant young ladies can try this shape.

Round tip shaped nails

The round tip nails are best suited for short nails. In this shape, the nail actually grows out straight particularly at the sides and then finally the tip is then filed to give it a round shape. This type of nail is best suited for housewives who are involved in doing lot of household stuff, so that with these nails, the house makers can do their job very efficiently.

Square shaped nails

The square shape is the most popular form of nail shape. This gives your nails a very classy look and that’s the reason you will find most of the models and actresses sporting this nail shape. This particular nail shape makes your hand look blunt and heavy at the same time. Best suited for long nails, this shape also makes your nails strong and flattering at the same time. This shape suits almost everyone’s personality and looks good on house wives and business woman.

Oval shaped nails

This shape is very poplar and can be conveniently maintained. The oval nails are basically filed to the tip of the nails, so as to give them an egg shape. This nail shape is common among the people who have long and perfect nail beds. The oval shaped nails also look very natural and if you have short and medium length nails, then you can certainly try this shape. These nails are basically curved in the free edge and so they look extremely good with nail lacquer. This shape of nail is perfectly suited for modern and active woman.

So the next time you wish to wear a trendy and stylish look to your friend’s party; you need not necessarily spend on an expensive nail polish. Filing your nails in a good shape can draw a lot of attention and make your friends ogle at them.